Powersports Business Intelligence Solutions

Statistical Surveys was the first company in the U.S. to provide market share data to the powersports industry. Today, our collection of cost-effective data reports – unequaled in depth and updated regularly – provides insights into industry trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, supplier, or involved in finance, our fact-based powersports solutions will show you what’s selling and where, who is buying, and how you compare to the competition.

Territorial Management Reports

With Statistical Surveys, territory management has never been easier. Our comprehensive Territorial Management Reports let customers create, manage, and report on more complex territory structures based on region, district, zone, or other specific reporting areas. Using this capability, managers can analyze customer data by territory and then use these insights to leverage key management capabilities.

Competitive Market Reports

The more information you know about your industry and competitors, the easier it will be to make smart decisions to build your business. Our Competitive Market Reports will show you the major competitors in the market, what’s their current share of the market (you’ve identified), who's moving up and who's moving down, and much more.

Custom Reporting

The Statistical Surveys Team can develop and prepare custom reports based on your exact market data requirements in such areas as:

Market Share Reports

Our Market Share Reports provide information on manufacturers, makes (brands), models and types. These reports use the purchaser location and/or dealer's assigned territories as the geographic reference, and are published either as detailed State Reports or National Summary Reports. Reports are structured by:

• Month, quarter, customer defined time periods, and YTD comparisons with prior YTD in actual counts, market share and percent changes
• Last year trends vs. this year trends
• Rankings (e.g. manufacturers and models within the national report and state report)
• Detailed data by county, city and/or zip

Competitive Manufacturing Analysis

Our Competitive Manufacturing Analysis by type, make and model delivers a critical advantage by helping companies turn competitive manufacturing data into knowledge. This enables you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain, manufacturing process, and after-sales service network, thus maximizing profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.